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WildBit Viewer 6.6

CPU-Z 1.89.1 – WildBit Viewer is a fast image viewer application with slide show and editor features. Includes a capture interface in a super-fast folder, file list, and thumbnail viewer.

Many applications are used to display, change, and modify images or photos. One of them is WildBit Viewer which has four different functions in one application. The four functions include: as a viewer, searching, editor, and slide show picture. Another feature that is provided and is no less interesting is the application’s ability to take a desktop screen display in certain parts of the desktop display. In addition, the Editor function can also create new images and modify them.

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In addition to convenience, WildBit Viewer also provides information related to images, including Exif metadata jpeg, tiff, and iptc. The viewer interface in Image Viewer makes it easy for us to easily select, group and organize images into favorite folders, through the shell toolbar.

License Freeware
Developer WildBit Software
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Software No ratings yet.

Download WildBit Viewer 6.6 Setup

Download WildBit Viewer 6.6

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