UltraDefrag 7.1.3

Download SlimBrowser – UltraDefrag is free software that is open as a powerful defragmentation tool. This reliable defragmentation engine is made using a kernel-mode driver system so that it is faster in its performance process.

There are three interfaces in the UltraDefrag Application: Graphical, Console, and Native.

1. Very useful, because it uses cluster map visualization. The console is great for task scheduler, and native tools for advanced users and programmers.
2. Secondly, Ultra Defrag has a number of features that make it unique.
3. The third has a kernel-mode driver that does most of the work.
4. The ability to operate applications at boot time is almost the same as chkdsk. This process results in faster defragment times and the ability to defragment all files including the file system.

The following advantages of Ultra Defrag:
– Boot Defragmentation: This feature provides the ability to defragment file systems. This includes the registry file, the hiberfil.sys file and many other files that are locked by the system or other applications when Windows is fully running.
– Fast Disk Optimization: The optimizer rearranges all data and places them on a normal drive. This system is more stable and performs much better under load if data is placed at the start of the drive.
– Single File and Folder Defragmentation: After UltraDefrag is installed we have the ability to select files or folders. This option is especially useful if you have just installed an application or game and want it to be defragmented immediately for maximum performance.

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License Freeware
Developer UltraDefrag Development Team
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Software No ratings yet.

UltraDefrag 7.1.3 [32 Bit]

UltraDefrag 7.1.3 [64 Bit]

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