Tixati 2.61

RumohSoftware.Com – Tixati A description of the Tixati application, Tixati is a peer-to-peer file-sharing application that uses the BitTorrent protocol. With Powerful P2P, you can download files or files faster and have a lower download failure rate.

For users who like to download files from the internet, it is definitely no stranger to Torrent files. There are tons of free files ranging from videos, movies, software, ebooks, music and other files that you can download using the BitTorrent protocol. But to download files from the BitTorrent protocol (Torrent File) you need a connecting software, namely the Torrent Client software.

Next, The advantages and advantages of Tixati BitTorrent Client include:
– Has clear information from all aspects of downloads such as peers, pieces, files, and trackers.
– Peer connections are protected by encryption to improve security.
– Equipped with a super efficient algorithm to ensure you download from the peer server the fastest.
– It supports magnet links so you don’t need to download .torrent files if there is a magnet link.
– Equipped with full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) to provide detailed traffic in graphical form.
– Has flexible throttling bandwidth settings so you can set the speed priority for each file you download.
– Has a local file management feature to move files that you are downloading to other partitions on your hard drive even when the download is in progress.
– 100% supports the BitTorrent protocol.
– Available in several versions that you can choose from, including versions of Windows, Linux, and portable versions.
– This application is free

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License Freeware
Developer Tixati Software Inc
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Software 5/5 (1)

Tixati 2.61 32 Bit

Tixati 2.61 64 Bit

Tixati 2.61 Portable

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