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TagScanner 6.1.1

TagScanner is an application program that can be used in a multifunctional manner whose function and function is to organize and organize music collections such as adding detailed information to song files, thumbnails and so on.

For users who like to listen to music, for example on a computer, of course, use a music player, and certainly familiar with Tag info or often called Mp3Tag. There are various types of Mp3Tags, including ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, Windows Media and MP4 (iTunes) tags. These ID tag details will be displayed in the music player application.

Maybe among users have problems with mp3 collections that sometimes do not have complete information about the title, album, artist, genre, album cover and other things. Usually, all of that is called properties or tags. This information is displayed on the player and some media players or gadgets can sort and create playlists based on the info recorded in the tag properties.

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But it will be difficult if the mp3 file that we have only had a file name without any information in it, of course, we will have difficulty sorting and creating playlists automatically. The most useful thing about this application program is that it can edit a large number of tags at the same time and not only that but can import tag information from Amazon or FreeDB.

License Freeware
Developer Sergey Serkov
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Result No ratings yet.

TagScanner 6.1.1 32 Bit Installer
TagScanner 6.1.1 64 Bit Installer
TagScanner 6.1.1 32 Bit Portable
TagScanner 6.1.1 64 Bit Portable

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