Prey 1.9.3

RUMOHSOFTWARE.COM – Prey is a software that is useful for tracking or finding Android laptops and cellphones if they are lost or stolen. It is designed to help users to be able to control all mobile devices that are owned in an integrated manner.

Basically, we are required to install the prey for each item that will be monitored whether it’s a laptop, PC or handphone. Previously installed applications will be agents who will send signals about the existence of our computers or cellphones.

When the item is lost, you can activate this application through the website so that the agent will immediately send a signal and provide information on where the item is located and other information. When activating the prey that your item is missing, the prey immediately retrieves the required information according to the settings you have made through the control panel. In addition to gathering information to easily find items, this application program can also be set to make a sound or display certain messages.

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The following are some of Prey’s features, including:

  1. Geolocation Awareness, utilizing GPS devices or hotspots that are in the nearest location to triangulate positions and their accuracy reaches 80-90 percent.
  2. Wi-Fi Autoconnect will automatically integrate with open Wi-Fi connections that can be accessed if there is no other internet connection that is more possible.
  3. Light And Dependable, this application runs with the background operation method not detected and leaves no trace on the desktop when activated.
  4. Fully Controllable Remote Desktop, the ability to access the remote device fully when the system is activated.
  5. Full Data Protection, securing data stored in the system and hiding important IDs, contacts and personal privacy that is usually stored in the browser, Outlook or e-m access
License Freeware
Developer Apple Inc
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Result 5/5 (1)

Prey 1.9.3 [32 Bit]

Prey 1.9.3 [64 Bit]

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