MySQL 8.0.17

Download Telegram – MySQL (My Structured Query Language) is a multithread and multiuser SQL database management system (DBMS) application, the most popular open-source database in the world for use on Web sites and important business systems that are distributed free of charge.


The reliability of a database system (DBMS) can be seen from the way the optimizer works in the process of SQL commands made by users and application programs that use them. Whereas RDBMS or called Relationship Database Management System is one type of DBMS that supports relationships or relationships between tables and other tables. Besides RDBMS, there are other types of DBMS, such as Hierarchy DBMS, Object-Oriented DBMS, and so on.

The Advantages and Features of MySQL are as follows:

1. Multi-user: MySQL can be used by several users at the same time without experiencing problems or conflicts.
2. Performance tuning: MySQL has very amazing speed in handling simple queries, in other words, it can process more SQL in units of time.
3. Security: MySQL has several layers of security such as encrypted passwords.
4. Connectivity: MySQL for Windows can connect with clients using TCP / IP protocol, Unix socket (UNIX), or named pipes (NT).
5. Table structure: MySQL has a table structure that is more flexible in handling an ALTER TABLE, compared to other databases such as PostgreSQL.

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License Freeware
Developer Oracle Corporation
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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Download MySQL 8.0.17 [32 Bit]

Download MySQL 8.0.17 [64 Bit]

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