Microsoft OneDrive 19.070.0410.0005

RumohSoftware.Com – Microsoft OneDrive is a private file hosting service that allows users to upload and synchronize files to Cloud OneDrive.

Microsoft has announced that it has changed the name of SkyDrive’s cloud storage/cloud storage service. The cloud-based service will later be renamed OneDrive. Microsoft also announced the renaming on the site.

The Microsoft OneDrive application creates a folder on our computer that automatically syncs. Simply copy the file to the local OneDrive folder and it will automatically sync. We can make Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with OneDrive, and then share them using Hotmail. Files up to 300MB can be uploaded via a web browser or up to 2GB through the OneDrive application.

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This program is a cloud computing service similar to other Clou such as Dropbox and Google Drive that allows users to upload and synchronize files to cloud storage and then access it through a Web browser or certain device. This service is made by Microsoft and is part of the Windows Live online service and allows users to store their files privately, share them with people in contacts, or make files public.

License Freeware
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Software 5/5 (1)

Microsoft OneDrive 19.070.0410.0005

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