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GOM Audio – GOM Audio is an application that functions as a music player, the Gom Audio application is made by Gretech Corp which can be used for audio files such as MP3, OGG, WMA and others.

GOM Audio Player has a pretty interesting and soft display. If you used to use GOM Media Player as a Video player, you probably don’t need to use this program, because GOM Media Player is a Complete Package. Whereas if you only want to replace the Audio Player, you can use GOM Audio Player.

Following are the advantages and advantages of GOM Audio Player according to

1. 100% free
Free to download, install and use at any time. And the installation does not include adware that disrupts the stability of the computer system.

2. Created by the developer GOM Player
As we know that GOM Player is also one of the most popular video player applications in the world. Because of this music player development based on GOM Player, there are many features that GOM Player is included in GOM Audio such as A-B repetition (Repeat A-B) and song playback speed settings (tempo).

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3. Internet Radio
Besides listening to music from a local hard drive, you can also listen to live internet radio broadcasts for free.

4. Power Option
Maybe the only feature that other audio player applications don’t have. This application can automatically turn off the computer, restart or sleep when playing songs in the playlist is complete. So when we listen to music while sleepy, there is no need to worry about wasting energy when overslept, because the computer can be automatically shutdown settings.

5. Save Memory
Designed as an audio player that doesn’t use too much memory and CPU, so there’s no need to worry about hangs when doing a lot of strenuous activity while listening to music.

Licence Freeware
Developer Gretech Corp
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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GOM Audio

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