RUMOHSOFTWARE.COM – EverNote is an application for taking notes, which we can use to store ideas, collect articles found while browsing on the internet.

For users who like to record ideas, schedules, or whatever things we want, now we can record and access our records whenever and wherever we are by using this free service from this practical note! You might find an idea when you are in a place, want to capture a number of photos and notes when we are on vacation, or just want to write a variety of scheduled activities to manage work time, this application provides service notes for free.

The best part of the Application is the flexibility offered in compiling notes with a combination of labeling and notebooks. Evernote is a notetaking service and application, which is useful for storing and archiving all types of notes, memos, photos, files, audio clips, web pages or even digital “handwriting”.

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All these files are stored centrally on the Evernote server but can be synchronized and accessed through various computers and tablets and smartphones connected to the internet. Supports most popular platforms such as Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and WebOS.

License Freeware
Developer Evernote Corporation
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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