ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.10

Download Adobe Flash Player – ChrisPC DNS Switch is a software to replace DNS with just one click, we can change the domain name system in accordance with the desires that have been registered in this software.

Most users use the original DNS provided by the ISP, but if we have a problem with the DNS, we can replace the DNS with OpenDNS. But if we want to change DNS, we can try this software. Because by using this application, users can change DNS easily through the Windows System Tray. ChrisPC DNS Switch also provides 30 free DNS services that we can use or can also enter your own custom DNS.  When we have finished installing, this application will appear in the Windows system tray. We can quickly change DNS by right-clicking this application Switch from the system tray and select the DNS that we will use.

Click Show DNS Switch from the system tray. From this menu, we can see the primary and secondary DNS and replace the DNS with a drop-down menu or change the DNS with a custom address.
After changing DNS, click Change DNS and click Yes. This way we have changed DNS, if you want to restore DNS as before, just click Restore DNS. If we want to add our own custom DNS data to the DNS drop-down menu, we can also do it by clicking the DNS Database. From here we can add, edit and delete DNS

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With this application, we can change DNS easily without having to set it manually via the Control Panel.
Changing DNS can help us to overcome various Internet connection problems. For example, this can help you to access websites that are blocked by internet service providers. Sometimes changing DNS can also increase the speed or security of the internet that you are using even though it is not significant and also has other benefits.

License Freeware
Developer Chris P.C. srl
Operation System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Rating Software No ratings yet.

ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.10

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